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It’s a false economy, stupid!

A delegate at a recent workshop told us how he improved his relationship with his client by doing what he felt was right rather than what finance had decreed. He had no budget for ‘entertainment’ so he invited his client out for a drink knowing he could not reclaim the costs involved on expenses.


He has done it several times since and there has been a noticeable improvement in their business relationship. The client now buys drinks too.


Thanks to an improved personal relationship, he finds it’s a lot easier to sell the agency’s ideas and business is going better because of his personal investment.


We know this may not surprise anyone involved in Sales, but it does show that to get the results you want, you sometimes need to take the action that’s needed, even if you cannot recover the cost from the Accounts Department.


The better your relationships: the better your outcomes.


Posted by Sally Clare on Monday, August 7th, 2017 in FeaturesNews