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Great tippers make great lovers!

We were in our local coffee shop recently and couldn’t miss this eye-catching headline – “Great tippers make great lovers” – positioned above the shop’s tip jar. Everyone likes to believe that they are above average drivers and above average lovers! Not surprisingly, the jar was full.


It reminds us of when we run our presentation skills workshops and we want to get our delegates’ total attention. Our pitch goes as follows:


“There are a number of benefits in becoming a good presenter: you get promoted – you earn more – you are looked up to by your peers. And finally as an American research study shows: Good presenters make better lovers.


Why? A good presenter cares about the needs of their audience above their own. If the audience is satisfied, the presenter will be too.” After saying this we certainly have their attention, involvement and keenness to learn!


What benefits are you offering your audience?



Posted by Barry Graham on Monday, August 7th, 2017 in FeaturesNews
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