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Say Less…..Think More

Say Less …..Think More is the motto of the UK Speechwriters Guild of which we are members. It’s worth writing these 4 words down as a template as you prepare to write a speech.

Here’s a couple more helpful thoughts from two American speechwriters. Ted Sorensen, JFK’s speechwriter said: “Write down the point of your speech on a Post-It note. If you can’t get it on a Post-It, you need to think again and again until you can.”

Robert Hardesty, LBJ’s speechwriter said: “Brevity is the cardinal rule. Use four letter words, four word sentences… four sentence paragraphs. Keep it simple. You’ve got to write it so that the first person you tell it to in the street can understand it.”


Posted by Sally Clare on Friday, December 15th, 2017 in FeaturesNews
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