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What we’ve learnt – 5 pieces of presentation advice

April is a month we celebrate since we launched in April 1997 – that makes us 21 – very grown up.


As we reflect on our 21 years, here’s the 5 pieces of advice we regularly pass on:


People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. This was a lesson we learnt early in our training lives. The audience is more important than you.


Simple things go into the brain quicker and stay longer. We first came across this saying in the reception of M&C Saatchi. If you want people to remember your message, keep it short and simple.


“Open with a bang” was the advice the composer Richard Strauss gave to his pupils. It’s equally true for the opening of your presentation. Surprise your audience, intrigue or worry them but engage them from the moment you start.


You’re a storyteller, not a newsreader. When you tell a story, your audience trusts you more, is more understanding and open to your ideas. Remember 63% of audiences remember stories used in a presentation, but only 5% remember a fact.


“Delivery, delivery, delivery” were the words used by the Greek orator Demosthenes to explain his speaking success. We suspect that he spoke with a slower, deeper, richer voice and used pauses to engage and emphasise his messages. (164 words a minute is an ideal speaking rate).


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