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Selling Ideas 1 DAY


This workshop is tailored for anyone who has to sell ideas – their own or others.

To sell successfully the salesperson needs to craft their sales pitch and to understand that to be successful, both parties must feel they have benefited from the transaction.

In order to do this when selling ideas, the delegates must accept they are in the business of ‘selling’.

This course is specifically designed to help delegates to maximise the ‘buying experience’ for their clients


Who will Benefit?

Anyone who has to sell ideas – whether the original creator or another team member.

Typically, a prospective delegate may lack confidence or feel unable to put together a

logical argument or find it difficult to bring an idea alive. They may have only just started

in the business or have years of experience. Maximum 8 delegates.


Workshop outcomes:

  • A better understanding of the ‘client’s viewpoint’.
  • What is the most ‘persuasive case for buying’.
  • The skills to sell the logic behind the idea.
  • The confidence to bring an ‘idea alive’, helping the client get into the right ‘mind frame’ for creativity and the right ‘visual frame’ to understand.
  • A step-by-step plan of action they can follow when selling their ideas.


Selling Ideas workshop programme for up to 8 delegates

Purpose: To help you develop your current skills and build confidence in order to improve the “client” experience so they are better able to “understand the value of your idea and sell on to others.”

  1. Welcome & Introduction
  2. Selling makes the world go round  – seeing things from your client’s viewpoint. Discussion and exercises
  3. Selling an Idea – a Step Plan Individual exercise: Using your own work
  4. You are the message– tips from the experts
  5. Final presentation exercise Individual exercise: Each delegate to present their idea in no more than 4 minutes.  Each delegate will be video’ed and played back.  Trainers and group to give feedback on success of presentation and whether they were sold.
  6. Review of the day

Trainers: Barry Graham and Sally Clare rights Speakers’ Corner 2017

“Great workshop for building confidence and creating presentations that will sell your ideas to a client confidently and clearly” TALON OUTDOOR