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Persuasive Presentations for Managers and Directors 1 DAY


This workshop will equip delegates with the persuasive tools to write a compelling message and deliver it with credibility and conviction.

Presentations can be broken down into three parts. We call them the 3 Ms: Message, Messenger and Medium.  In our opinion to deliver a Persuasive Presentation it’s all about the message and the messenger and so this one day workshop concentrates on these two areas.

Throughout the day the delegates will work on one of their own presentation subjects and will take part in a number of exercises. They will be shown the key skills and learnings and asked to use these to both write and deliver a persuasive message. They will be challenged to think again about how they both write and deliver their presentations.


Who will benefit?

For managers who make regular presentations to clients and new business prospects and would like to review their current methods and make a greater impact on their audiences by raising the quality of their messages, their delivery and their personal connection. Ideally 6 -8 delegates.


Workshop outcomes:

  • A new approach to writing a persuasive presentation.
  • Ways to make stronger connections with audiences.
  • Developing greater personal confidence to step outside the norm.
  • Seeing themselves in action and getting extensive feedback.
  • Understanding of their personal responsibility to improve the standard.
  • How to include stories so you can better engage, inspire and persuade.


Persuasive Presentations Workshop Programme for 6-8 delegates

Workshop purpose: To help delegates write and deliver persuasive presentations which meet their audiences’ needs and influence them to buy.

  1. Intro – the only purpose of a presentation is to persuade
  2. Influence and Persuasion
  3. Persuasive messages – the right message for your audience *
  4. Structure matters. *
  5. Persuasive messengers – you are the message
  6. Final exercise -Persuasive Presentation
  7. Review of the day

*Using your own business case

Trainers: Barry Graham and Sally Clare    rights Speakers’ Corner 2017

“Their relaxed, inclusive and forthright manner was most refreshing and based on the feedback I received from the participants, without exception, they all thoroughly enjoyed working with both Barry & Sally and each person felt that they benefited from the training.”