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In professional sport everybody gets coached no matter how good they are. It’s simply a question of continuing to improve and being ready for the big game. How many people are ready for the big game in business? Ready for a ‘key conference speech’, a ‘new business presentation’, a ‘talk to the troops’ or a ‘recommendation to the board’?

At Speakers’ Corner we coach senior managers and directors to produce relevant and memorable messages and to deliver them so their audiences enjoy them, remember them and are motivated to take action by them. We’ve been doing “one-to-one” training for over 20 years and feel privileged to have helped our clients “deliver their best” – for themselves and the companies they represent.

One-to-one coaching

We offer coaching either face-to-face or via Skype. We are able to turn a dull presentation into a more incisive one with a clear message and an enthused and confident presenter keen to deliver it.

Skype opens up opportunities for clients who are either overseas, travelling or not able to work with us directly in a London office. Clients who have used this facility feel more confident and get excellent audience feedback.

The areas we cover include:

  1. Preparing for a major conference – speech writing and delivery.
  2. Working on a particular aspect of delivery – voice, presence, body language etc.
  3. Building greater self-belief and confidence in front of an audience.
  4. Building greater connection and engagement through message and delivery.
  5. Working on assertiveness training and building greater credibility.
  6. Helping someone prepare for MC’ing a major event.

As experienced trainers and with extensive business experience, we aim to support individuals across a range of communication and personal development issues.

Each session lasts two hours with video recordings and playback. After the session an email feedback plus recommendations is sent to the delegate plus a copy of the video for self-analysis. If requested, a full report can be sent to the training manager.

NB: Consultancy and Facilitation services available.


 “Thank you for working with one of our industry experts prior to a major conference to ensure his delivery was polished and pitch perfect. The feedback from the entire group was incredibly positive and the results impressive.”