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International trainers and storytellers

Storytelling 1 day workshop

You can give a presentation that’s a dazzling display of your vast intellectual knowledge, but when all is said and done, people remember the stories. Don’t confuse storytelling with speaking in the narrative. Delivering the narrative around a set of facts is not storytelling – just basic good communication. Don’t confuse storytelling with delivering case studies. Stories are more powerful when they make a point. In business a story must always make a point. And the audience must always understand that point.
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Selling Ideas 1 day workshop

This workshop is tailored for anyone who has sell ideas whether creative, media, PR, research or any other discipline.
To sell successfully the salesperson needs to craft their sales pitch and to understand that to be successful, both parties must feel they have benefited from the transaction. In order to do this when selling ideas, the delegates must accept they are in the business of ‘selling’. This course is specifically designed to help delegates to maximise the ‘buying experience’ for their clients
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Persuasive Presentations for managers and directors 1 day workshop

This workshop will equip delegates with the persuasive tools to write a compelling message and deliver it with credibility and conviction. Presentations can be broken down into three parts. We call them the 3 Ms: Message, Messenger and Medium.  In our opinion to deliver a Persuasive Presentation it’s all about the message and the messenger and so this one day workshop concentrates on these two areas. Throughout the day the delegates will work on one of their own presentation subjects and will take part in a number of exercises. They will be shown the key skills and learnings and asked to use these to both write and deliver a persuasive message. They will be challenged to think again about how they both write and deliver their presentations.
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The Art of Communication for new and rising executives 1 day workshop

This programme is a must-have for all young executives in the first years of their business lives. It is specifically designed to help delegates to maximise every communication opportunity they have with their audience – whether in an informal or formal meeting, either internally or with clients. It will show them how to perform both conversationally and when presenting their case. Importantly, it shows the delegates the difference between ‘simply having the confidence to talk’ and ‘communicating to convince and influence’. This training will help delegates grow into great communicators and relationship builders.
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Conference Speaking 1 day workshop

This workshop will equip delegates with the persuasive tools to write a compelling message and deliver it with credibility and conviction to a conference audience.

Great conference speakers stand out for being entertaining, relevant, thought-provoking and confident storytellers. They have the expertise and know-how but also the creativity and communication skills to write a strong message – one that they have total belief in and which they are enthusiastic about delivering. They weave their knowledge and experiences and touch the hearts and minds of their audience.They show they are in-tune with their audience and can deliver the right message for that day.

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