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Conference Speaking – 1 day


Great conference speakers stand out for being entertaining, relevant, thought-provoking and confident storytellers. They have the expertise and know-how but also the creativity and communication skills to write a strong message – one that they have total belief in and which they are enthusiastic about delivering. They weave their knowledge and experiences and touch the hearts and minds of their audience.They show they are in-tune with their audience and can deliver the right message for that day.

This workshop will equip delegates with the persuasive tools to write a compelling message and deliver it with credibility and conviction to a conference audience.

Conference speakers are being asked to deliver short, thought provoking and entertaining speeches. We will work with the delegates on a specific speech [even if this is a fictional scenario]. We will concentrate on the message and the messenger and show how the medium [often powerpoint] is the final piece of the jigsaw. So for this workshop we will discuss how visual aids could support them and will discourage too many slides since they detract from the speaker.


Who will Benefit?

Anyone having to give a conference speech. All our workshops are highly interactive – each delegate will complete a number of exercises which will culminate in a final presentation exercise where they will be video’d. In order for these senior people to get sufficient input from us, and at the same time not need to ‘wait around for others to get their turn’, we must limit the number of delegates for this workshop to 4-6 max. With two trainers running the day, we can provide extensive one-to-one support.


Workshop outcomes:

  • A new approach to writing a speech.
  • Ways to make stronger connections with audiences.
  • Developing greater personal confidence to step outside their norm.
  • Seeing themselves in action and getting extensive feedback.
  • Understanding of their personal responsibility to improve their standard.
  • How to include stories so they can better engage, inspire and entertain.


Conference Speaking Workshop Programme for 4-6 delegates

Workshop purpose: To help delegates write and deliver memorable speeches that strike a chord with their audiences. Every delegate will need to bring an outline speech with them to work on.

  1. Welcome & Introduction
  2. What is expected of a conference speaker? Discussion.
  3. Lessons from experts. What works and doesn’t work.
  4. How to write a conference speech. A checklist. Exercise.
  5. Structure matters – template. Exercise.
  6. You are the message. Exercises.
  7. Final presentation exercise.
  8. Review of the day.

Trainer: Barry Graham and Sally Clare