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Investing in yourself

Our local adult college is advertising a thousand new courses this September but no presentation or selling courses. It seems a bit short sighted of them, but we know you’re better off going to a Toastmasters Club www.toastmasters.org
We had been members and found the clubs friendly, open, inspiring and inexpensive. They allow you to learn at your own pace. We got involved as members and founded two new London clubs.
There’s a great story about its founder – Dr Ralph Smedley- which imbues the clubs with their special culture and self-help spirit.
Smedley grew up in Illinois and joined his local YMCA. Many of the young men in the early 20th century staying in the YMCA were unemployed. Smedley could see by the disappointments they would share at the end of the day, that they didn’t interview very well.
So he started helping them to present themselves to prospective employers. It wasn’t long before they got jobs but still wanted to learn in this communal, convivial atmosphere. So Toastmasters International was born in 1924.
It’s worldwide and you should find a club in your city. If you want to get ahead you’ll find like-minded people there.


Posted by Sally Clare on Monday, September 4th, 2017 in FeaturesNews
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