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2020 Vision

Some years ago in our advertising days, we were looking for an idea for a media company to emphasise their ability to see a market.

We discovered a fact about Raybans sunglasses which led us to our solution.

Raybans had been developed in World War 2 to stop the sun affecting the vision of fighter pilots when it was critical they could see what was in front and behind.

We featured a pilot wearing a pair and told this story and linked it to our “client’s skill at helping advertisers see their markets”.

To bring the point home we sent out a pair of Raybans to 200 VIPs.

Our client got an effusive letter back from Sir Richard Branson thanking them.

Have you found your 2020 vision for this year?


Posted by Barry Graham on Friday, January 10th, 2020 in FeaturesNews
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