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Are you well lit?

Our road has just had new street lamps installed. So what you may ask?

Let us give you a little background. Our neighbour, James an architect investigated our options and
found out we could have a superior model – a heritage lamp – which not only did the job required but
looked so much smarter and was in keeping with our Victorian street. The only problem was that each
resident had to be persuaded to pay £275 – the council’s lamps were free.

James pushed for the Heritage lamps and said: “they would look better, more authentic and project a
clearer light and they should improve the value of our properties.”

They’re now up and looking very stylish. The street is better lit and stands out in our area.

Does your office look bright and welcoming?

Apparently, the last words of John Sainsbury (Founder of Sainsbury’s Food Retailers) were:

“Keep the shops well lit!”


Posted by Sally Clare on Wednesday, September 11th, 2019 in FeaturesNews
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