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Overcoming fear – it’s all in the mind.

We’re keen tennis fans – and enjoyed a lovely day at the Monte Carlo tennis tournament watching one of our favourites, Rafa Nadal, who gave an extraordinary exhibition of clay court tennis.

He went on to play in Barcelona and again won the competition. His opponent in the Final was an unknown young Greek player – a player who had never competed against a top 20 player, let alone the number one seed.

His name was Stefanos Tsitispas. Stefanos tells the story of how recently he was swimming in the sea in Greece with his father. Suddenly he found himself in trouble and thought he was seconds away from death.

Luckily his father came to his rescue.  Stefanos said that this taught him what true fear really is and that now he no longer fears any opponent on the tennis court in quite the same way.

Of course, next time he faces Nadal on a clay court he may be less foolhardy!

But there is definitely a lesson to learn from this story – like Stefanos, next time you’re facing something fearful get excited and embrace the opportunity.


Posted by Sally Clare on Friday, May 4th, 2018 in FeaturesNews
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