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And the wall came tumbling down

Before the virus came, we had two storms – Ciara and Dennis – they were fierce enough between them to knock our 100 year old garden wall down.

Our deeds didn’t show whose wall it was so our neighbours and we got the insurers in. Interesting how one insurer will replace it (ours) and the neighbours wouldn’t – they were told it was an “old wall” and it was inevitable it would fall down – eventually!

Our insurance company [Halifax] was outstanding – as was their representative Matthew.

Soon we had two builders and two landscapers in clearing and building.

The day the builders finished was the first day of the Government’s lockdown. We toasted their work and thanked them for the care they had put into building our new wall.

We are looking ahead to replanting in the future but in the meantime we are using the wall as a measure for running our planned weekly marathon.

Our wall may have fallen down but with the professional response of everyone involved, it’s given us a new confidence to look to the future.

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Posted by Barry Graham on Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 in FeaturesNews
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