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We went to the opening of a new bar restaurant in Richmond on Sunday. It was a client of one of our daughters, Dulcie and she wanted to check it out. She knew the management and we were treated very well.


However the food didn’t live up to our expectations. We were very disappointed. Even with the opening promotional discount it didn’t make the food ok.


On the way out we were asked by the general manager how things had been. We were honest and gave her a detailed feedback of our eggs royale. The eggs were cold. The hollandaise sauce congealed. And the smoked salmon was unusually salty. She was very open to our critique and thanked us for our honesty.


Speakers’ Corner gives a lot of feedback to our delegates –  it’s a key part of our coaching and is highly valued. We give detailed feedback and highlight strengths but also areas that need improvement.


We also ask for feedback in return. We are keen to learn from what is  said and make changes accordingly.


You can learn a lot when you ask “How did we do?” 


Posted by Sally Clare on Wednesday, November 25th, 2015 in FeaturesNews