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There’s a new book just been published called “The Class Ceiling” by Sam Friedman & Daniel Laurison. www.goo.gl/gC5QZk  In it they argue that the class ceiling nowadays is more about your ‘fit and polish’ to be ‘just like us’ than money, contacts and schooling.

Lightness is essential. Earnestness to be avoided. Confidence to make statements to assert a point of view rather than to speak with a question mark at the end of each thought.

Speaking clearly and loudly, looking a person in the eye, being able to laugh and be amusing – being at ease with yourself in whatever the company.

It’s not just about your knowledge and experience, it’s about whether you’re right for the company – one of us.

Like it or not, people from advantaged backgrounds still find it easier to get to the top of their professions – but you can help yourself to break the class ceiling if you follow these golden rules to work on your personal ‘fit and polish’.


Posted by Sally Clare on Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 in FeaturesNews
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