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Courage to change

One of our favourite stories is about a World Wide Strategy Director of a top 5 media agency who 15 years ago told us of the power of a quote and a question in a presentation – as if we needed reminding!

He said he asked every new business client the following question based on the famous Charles Darwin quote.

“It’s not the strongest or the most intelligent that will survive but those that can adapt to change. Can you?”

We also love telling the story of a young son who was nervous about asking a girl out – his father said: “You only have to be brave for 20 seconds.” It comes from the film “We bought a zoo”.

They’re our go-to advice when we’re procrastinating..

Finally on courage… Come to the Edge by Christopher Logue

Come to the edge,

We might fall.

Come to the edge,

It’s too high!


And they came,

And he pushed,

And they flew.

Good luck with all your plans to change this year.


Posted by Barry Graham on Sunday, January 13th, 2019 in FeaturesNews
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