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Would you pay to see an understudy?

How would you feel if you’d paid good money for a ticket to see an outstanding performer and yet when you arrive at the venue you get a note to say the star of the show is unavailable that day? Gutted – right? If the performance goes well you can applaud the understudy, but if it is a flop – then you’d feel hard-done-by.

We are serious football fans and we’ve been watching the FA Cup competition, 3rd round matches.

It is traditional for many Premier division football teams to put out a second tier team for the early rounds. And as often happens, some of those struggling [and even some of the best] premier league teams lose to lower league teams.

However the Spurs Manager, Mauricio Pochettino when asked why he had risked his key player, Harry Kane
towards the end of their match away against Tranmere Rovers when they were already leading 6-0, said: “To
show respect to the people here so they could see an English icon.” Kane got a 7th goal in the 82nd minute.

It was a roasting for Tranmere, but they got their money’s worth.

It’s a relevant thought when you’re putting your team forward to a client – new or old.

But if you don’t give “the second tier players” a chance you risk losing them. It’s a perennial problem – experience has shown that it’s far easier for a more junior team member to move to a new company and be presented as the front player than to be elevated within the existing team. The new guy doesn’t feel like an imposter and so is more likely to flourish and succeed.


Posted by Sally Clare on Sunday, January 13th, 2019 in FeaturesNews
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