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Saying “Thank you”

Last month Barry had a birthday and among a number of greetings received 3 corporate e-mails wishing him Happy Birthday. Each of them contained a gift which he could take up if he wanted.

The first was from our gym who offered him a free week’s use of their facilities for a guest. Not too much originality there!

The next was our local pub who invited him to come in with a friend for a couple of FREE drinks. The pub is at the end of our street so that will certainly be taken up

The last message came from British Airways on his actual birthdate thanking him for being a long and loyal customer.

What did they offer? 2018 Free Avios points.

The offer was so unexpected, topical and original it brought a smile to his face.

He hasn’t used BA in some time but that could change now.

At this seasonal time do you have an original offer to make to a client – current or past – to say ‘thank you’?

It could pay dividends!

And as 2018 nears it’s close, Speakers’ Corner would like to thank all our clients and friends for the their support.


Posted by Barry Graham on Thursday, December 6th, 2018 in FeaturesNews
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