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A story …

Here is one of our favourite stories … one you could use to help your team or client to think again
about their actions  – because enthusiasm is not always enough!

A medieval knight, late one afternoon, was returning to his castle and he was a pitiful sight to see. His horse was
limping and he was sitting askance in the saddle. His armour was dented, his lance was broken and the proud
plume on his helmet was crumpled and hung over his face. The Lord of the castle rushed out to meet him.

“What terrible things have befallen you, Sir Percy?” he asked.

“Oh sire” he said. “I have been labouring all day in your service, robbing and pillaging your enemies to the West.”

“You’ve been doing what?” exclaimed the nobleman.

Thinking he was hard of hearing, the knight replied much louder, “I’ve been robbing and pillaging your enemies to
the West.”

“But I haven’t any enemies to the West.” was the horrified reply.

“Oh!” said the knight. And then: “Well I think you do now.”

A story is a powerful tool in your arsenal to help you open up a discussion on a tricky subject with your client or colleagues.


Posted by Sally Clare on Thursday, December 6th, 2018 in FeaturesNews
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