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What a good speaker can tell us

William Hague, a former Foreign Secretary and one-time leader of the Conservative Party, is an excellent speaker. He first spoke at a Tory Conference when he was 16!


His speaking tips are always worth hearing. Three we particularly liked are:

  1. People decide whether to listen or tune out at the start. What goes into the first 2 minutes is worth 10 times more than the 20th minute.  The classic way to start is with a self- deprecating story that shows you’re not a pompous or an arrogant person.


  1. Have some sugar before you speak. You need to wake up your voice. Fresh air really helps and so does something sweet.


  1. Giving a speech is physical so get fit. Try delivering a full sentence in one breath. When delivering the speech, project from the chest rather than the throat.


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Posted by Barry Graham on Sunday, September 30th, 2018 in FeaturesNews
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