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Lady in Waiting – a personal story

We went to see Lady Anne Glenconner at the Richmond Theatre talk about her life and new book: “Lady
in Waiting”. She was interviewed by Helena Bonham Carter who played Princess Margaret in “The

Anne has had quite an illustrious life: Maid of Honour at the Queen’s Coronation, Lady in Waiting to
Princess Margaret and was married to the owner of the island of Mustique.

But to counter that, she has had a number of tragedies. Two of her sons died in adulthood. A third she
had to nurse for 5 years after he had a horrific road accident. And her husband left his Mustique estate
to a servant.

The theatre was packed to hear her stories. She told them well without any self-pity. The reason she had
written the book was because she needed an income she told us.

She was asked by an audience member how she got through the tragedies. Her answer: “My mother
always told us that we should face things head on and believe we can get through them”.

Her book is now a Best Seller – 200,000 sold in UK and she’s off on a tour of the US soon.
But she was comfortable sharing her vulnerability with the audience. She was a true inspiration.

As she said: “I’m no snowflake”


Posted by Sally Clare on Friday, March 6th, 2020 in FeaturesNews