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Present with confidence – one-to-one coaching

The success of our one-to-one coaching according to our delegates is our extensive feedback and videoing a key section of their presentation which they can keep. There’s nothing like seeing your strengths and weaknesses to aid improvement.

What we don’t often get from delegates is a third party feedback on how they performed on the day. Well we did recently from a candidate who was delivering a major speech at an Industry Conference. They were given feedback by the Conference Organiser which went as follows:

“We got an overall 84% satisfaction score which is a record for us. Although we don’t ask specific speaker feedback your talk was particularly liked by many. I know that I loved the way you presented – very crisp and upbeat throughout and very easy to understand.  A lovely presenting style.”

What was interesting in helping this speaker to raise their game was to find the “What’s in it for the audience”? What will they learn and take away and tell others”?

If you believe you are giving your audience high value content which is relevant and actionable, it will energise you and ensure your audience listen and engage.

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Posted by Barry Graham on Monday, June 16th, 2014 in FeaturesNews
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