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What do you plan to achieve today?

You need a plan – one that your client can buy into – one that your client knows is focused on their needs – not on yours. The difference a good plan can make to any outcome is immeasurable.

Barry was in hospital last month for 4 days. He was surprised by how customer-focused it was and how special he was made to feel. The NHS reminded him of a first-class agency.

All that matters is the first 30 seconds

If you want your audience to listen to your full message, make sure you get them hooked in the first 30 seconds. It used to be said that the perfect pop song lasted 3 minutes. Now all of this is changing because of the way streaming services, like Spotify, pay royalties only if the track […]

Would I lie to you? A great fun way to improve your storytelling skills.

Over the holiday season we did our version of the TV game “Would I lie to you”. For those who don’t know the game, one person has to tell a personal story and the rest of the participants have to guess if it’s true or false

Powerpoint – The Elephant in the Room

We need to talk about ‘Powerpoint’, or as we like to call it “the elephant in the room”. Powerpoint was invented as a visual aid and not a what it has become, a communication barrier. For many, powerpoint is the start-point for writing a presentation and so becomes a liability rather than an aid for creating and delivering a persuasive message.