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Would I lie to you? A great fun way to improve your storytelling skills.

Over the holiday season we did our version of the TV game “Would I lie to you”. For those who don’t know the game, one person has to tell a personal story and the rest of the participants have to guess if it’s true or false

Making an impact

To make an immediate impact on a new client you need to make a personal connection. So be prepared to have some small talk. Think about what’s happening in your life/ their life/ the world even, that you could reference and relate to their business issues and show that you’re in-tune, interesting and interested in others.

The client needs to feel from the very beginning that you are ‘just like them’ and have their best interests at heart

You have less than 30 seconds to succeed

If you don’t grab your audience’s attention in the first 30 seconds you may as well sit down. That might sound harsh but it’s a good starting point for all presenters. So if you read no further, remember the golden rule of presenting: “Begin with the end in mind”.

Giving a presentation is a performance which you need to prepare for and which you need to prepare your audience for. They need to be made ready and eager to hear your message. To do this you always need an impactful opening which resonates with their thinking.

We’ve taught over 6,000 delegates in 27 countries to sell themselves and sell their ideas to influential audiences, whether in a conference room or on a conference stage. So here are our top tips to help you become one of those presenters who makes a memorable impact.