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Would I lie to you? A great fun way to improve your storytelling skills.

Over the holiday season we did our version of the TV game “Would I lie to you”. For those who don’t know the game, one person has to tell a personal story and the rest of the participants have to guess if it’s true or false

In our game there were 8 of us – all family – so you may have thought that nobody could get away with deception.

Far from the truth.

It was the more elaborate and entertaining – and the better told story that won the day.

Why not try it out? It’s a fun way of helping your team to develop their storytelling skills.

So what makes a good story?

One that is short and believable and makes sense to the listener.

  1. A story describes action that achieves the ONE point [intent] you wish to make.
  2. It has humanity.
  3. It surprises.
  4. You need key details to help create memorable mental imagery.
  5. It transports the listener to another pace where they can connect their experiences with yours.

What happens when you become a storyteller?

You become a wisdom sharer – a synthesiser – a leader.