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What do you plan to achieve today?

Barry was in hospital last month for 4 days. He was surprised by how customer-focused it was and how special he was made to feel. The NHS reminded him of a first-class agency.

1. Every day the team looking after him had a plan of action. What they wanted to achieve that day so that he could be out of hospital as soon as possible. He could discuss any point. He was part of the team.

2. It was informal – no them and us. It was first names all round.

3. He could get up and make himself a drink whenever he wanted whatever time of night or day.

Barry felt he had received outstanding service and treatment. He had been reminded of how good planning gets the right results.

So what do you plan to achieve today that will make a difference in your client’s life?


Posted by Barry Graham on Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 in FeaturesNews
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