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Audience is King

We recently helped a family member with a major speech he was giving to an audience of 700 clients – a big ask for even the most experienced of conference speakers.

One of the first things he said worried us: “My subject ‘Forecasting the Future’ will only be of interest to about 50% of the audience…”

“No, no, no!” we replied. “You must not approach your speech with this attitude. With an audience of this size and diverse needs, you must find an angle which will appeal to everyone attending. You need to involve them in your own ‘Bigger Picture’.”

This he did very successfully, challenging his audience in 15 minutes to think afresh about their attitudes to ‘forecasting the future.’ His speech entertained and surprised them. It involved them and gave them fresh food for thought. He left them with lasting imagery and a story to tell their colleagues. He elevated their thinking of his subject – and of him.

Never approach a speech or presentation thinking it has only limited appeal. You can always introduce them to your ‘Bigger Picture’ and make them glad they heard what you had to say.

Every member of your audience should feel their time with you was well spent.